Where are you going next friend? Johannesburg is an appealing city, filled of urban mysteries and an innate sense of alertness. Where are you going next? I asked myself. I couldn’t stay still any longer. I felt the urge to run off to another place.

On a night bus I fled of to Durban. In the morning, I met the sunrise. This city is black. It’s a little wild, a little spicy, and a little unpredictable. Yet, I found its calling beautiful. Something like a child calling out to you, right when you know he’s planning to trick you.

What more of Durban? It carries many stories, many mysteries. Yes, there is the tourist portion of it, the call out to the great Zululands I have yet to visit. Time is short and there is much to do and see.

On the beach, a sand sculpture honors the African Cup

I visited the southern’s hemisphere largest Mosque, on three floors.
Went shopping for some spices!

If you do have the opportunity, have a drink at Moyo’s by the end of the Pier.

After a couple of days, exploring, trying out local foods. It was time to flee on to another destination.